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Photography and Real Estate

We specialize in shooting professional looking real estate photographs for realtors and private clients to market your homes more effectively. Prospective clients are always attracted to listings with inviting photos showing bright, spacious rooms with lots of natural light. You are guaranteed to get more attention showcasing a better representation of what the home looks like.

Our creative real estate photography solutions will not only save you time & effort, but will help you making that sale faster and more efficiently, resulting in higher profits.

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As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. It is true that most digital cameras these days take good photos and are perfectly adequate for most casual situations, however it really takes the professional's eye to capture the essence of what a marketable property should look like and the feelings it ought to engender.

During the creation and post-processing of my real estate photographs, virtual tours and videos, I capture the inherent beauty created by the effects of natural light, with as little artificial lighting as possible. This process will ensure that the images give the viewer an impression of what a home actually looks to the human eye.

Investors & Property Management Companies

Investors and property management companies can maximize their investment by showcasing their furnished or unfurnished properties with stupendous photographic coverage. Our main focus is on providing you with the best value and personalized customer service to become your long-term partner in real estate photography.

Investor Package

If you own or manage three or more properties you qualify for this special package. Get high priority service, with a greater amount of images at significant discounts with an extremely fast turn-around time, after a tenant leaves or major renovations to a property. Please contact us for further details.

Hospitality Industry

Hotel Room and restaurant photography is a specialty of my team, having photographed a number of hotels and resorts in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa & the South Pacific. Our images focus on the public areas, such as the swimming pools, lobbies, restaurants, as well as the actual guest rooms, along with some special touches that make certain properties stand out from the rest. We capture the essence of your public areas and rooms at their best time, representing the finest aspects and details, giving your guests something to look forward to.

We also document some of the latest trends in Health and Wellness resorts, such as spas and hot springs in Europe and the Americas or Holistic Medicine treatments, such as Ayurvedic Medicine in Southern India or the traditional Temazcal sweat lodges in Mexico.

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Rates & Product Delivery

We are available on short notice, 7 days a week, and usually deliver the finished photos electronically within 48 hours for assignments from realtors, investors, property management companies and private clients in the Metro Vancouver area or for assignements around the world.

We price our services competitively using a flat fee rate per home that includes the following:

  • A photographic session by appointment for 1 hour
  • 25 color corrected images of your property (interior & exterior)
  • High Resolution Images for print usage and Low Resolution Images for online use will be provided.
  • We offer Flat Fee pricing - no sq ft rates!
  • Next business day delivery
Property Type Rate
Studio $ 200
1 bedroom apartment $ 250
2 bedroom apartment $ 280
3 bedroom apartment $ 300
House $ 300
Additional Hourly Coverage Rate $ 150